Powder Bed Process Modelling & Validation

Additive Manufacturing


N. N’Dri, H.-W. Mindt, B. Shula, M. Megahed, A. Peralta, P. Kantzos and J. Neumann, DMLS Process Modelling & Validation, TMS 2015 144th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, March 15-19, 2015, Orlando, FL. Proceedings ISBN 978-1-119-08241-5, pp. 389-396, 2015. 

This paper discusses the modelling challenges related to additive manufacturing in general and Powder Bed processes in particular. A seamless coupling of length scales is presented. It allows detailed analysis of the melt pool, laser track, material deposition and resulting residual stresses. 

The modelling components are verified separately and the complete modelling process is validated against experimental measurements. Comparison of numerical predictions and experimental measurements show good agreement. Finally, as a practical demonstration, the modelling platform is used improved work piece quality. The deposition tracks are varied to reduce build residual stresses.

N. N’Dri, H.W. Mindt, B. Shula, and M. Megahed - ESI Group

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