Automakers are in a race to achieve sustainable mobility and meet "zero emission" targets in development and engineering. Virtual simulation is a powerful tool that enables automakers to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles and development practices in order to achieve sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The use of virtual simulation also contributes to the realization of "vision zero", a world with zero traffic fatalities. By harnessing the digital thread and accelerating digital transformation with Industry 5.0 and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) applications, automakers can achieve the right balance between accuracy and time-to-market, delivering innovative products at a manageable cost and risk.

Is there really a proven alternative to cut costs and time for pre-production prototypes?

Yes. Today it is possible to conduct thousands of tests, investigate different options and design variants, and make the best trade-offs [all virtually], before design freeze, and ultimately obtaining 5 stars at the EuroNCAP. We did this with Skoda.

Can I design cost-effective sound insulation specifications early in the development process?

Yes. Sound insulation lay-ups can be predicted and assessed for brand and weight targets early in the design process. Acoustic targets can be cascaded to Tier 1 suppliers in the form of vibro-acoustic models.

Can I really say “no thank you” to physical testing?

Yes. You can validate the reliability of your vehicles and parts faster than ever and accelerate your program timeline. All you need is the ability to work with real results, virtually, and build a global, single-core model that covers all engineering domains. We did this with Farasis.

Can I eliminate the many uncertainties in vehicle design and assembly?

Yes. Today it is possible to integrate and build your next vehicle 100% as planned and achieve ROI in as little as eight months. Engineers step inside an immersive virtual production environment, perform a walkaround of their assembly environments at a 1:1 scale, interact with the various components, and experience what they cannot see – this is mission-critical for industry 4.0 manufacturing. We did this with Fiat Chrysler.

How is virtual prototyping enabling sustainable engineering to accelerate our journey to a cleaner, greener, safer future?

Driven by environmental concerns, government regulations, consumer demand, technological advancements, and corporate responsibility to meet their zero emissions, zero waste, and zero accidents goals, automakers worldwide are placing sustainability at the top of their agenda. 


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Driving Safe, Sustainable Innovation with Powerful Virtual Prototyping

Discover how simulation technology accelerates automakers’ Mission-Zero journey without compromising on quality, safety, or performance; by connecting the virtual world with a safer, cleaner, and more productive reality so you can work smarter, reduce costs, and accelerate time to market.

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Virtual Proving Ground for Vehicle Safety & Acoustic Performance

Test and certify new designs entirely virtually with your very own digital automotive test track: emission-friendly, with reduced testing mileage and at the lowest processes, tooling & material cost. A virtual proving ground allows you to get new designs right the first time while eliminating physical prototype tests for crash studies and sound quality analyses.

Simulation Software Solutions for Vehicle Safety

Ensure maximum protection for occupants and vulnerable road users and get certification right the first time with only 1 regulatory physical release test before market launch.


Dive deeper into ESI’s simulation solutions for Vehicle Safety

Simulation Software Solutions for Acoustic Performance

Create a pleasant journey with superior sound quality by removing undesired interior & exterior noise.


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Create a Virtual Process Chain for Vehicle Manufacturing

How can you accelerate the product development cycle? Use the power of concurrent manufacturing. By frontloading manufacturing engineering and creating a virtual manufacturing process chain, you can decrease lead time and cost for new lightweight designs.

Simulation Software for Body and Chassis Manufacturing

Gain early confidence in the correct materials, manufacturing & assembly processes before cutting a single piece of metal.


Learn about Simulation Solutions for Body and Chassis Manufacturing

Build your Industrial Metaverse to Power Collaborative Virtual Workflow

Create your own industrial metaverse to experience physical interactions with yet-to-be-realized vehicle designs without waiting for construction or traveling to a common site. Immersively explore new vehicle concepts from a worker and operator perspective and gain a hands-on experience in the processes required to make and maintain them. This is how you push engineering workflows months ahead of production.

Human-centric Process Validation and Product Integration Using Virtual Reality

Interactive immersive experiences to validate human-performed process validation and complex product integration.


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Virtual Prototyping in Automotive and Ground Transportation is Trusted By

All over the world, suppliers, manufacturers, and engineering partners use ESI’s solutions to design and optimize future mobility on the ground, e.g. Alstom Transport, Autoliv, Bombardier, Bertrandt, Continental, Daimler, FAW Volkswagen, Faurecia, Fiat/Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Gestamp, Honda, Hyundai Group, Isuzu, Jaguar Land Rover, MAN, Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault Nissan, Shanghai Volkswagen, Takata, Tata Group, Toyota Motor Corp., Visteon, Volkswagen Group, and Volvo Group.