Simulate Vehicle Systems

Modern mobility systems deal with multiple domains and physics, which engineers model and simulate virtually in SimulationX, driving innovation, shortening the development process, improving ROI, and ensuring on-time market launch. Vehicle simulation allows users to model, test and optimize individual vehicle components as well as the vehicle as a whole system, ensuring it meets the design intent while improving quality & performance. Full virtual vehicle development and testing includes design optimization, integration and analysis of powertrain, chassis, vehicle dynamics, gearbox, controls & energy efficiency systems.

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Test Propulsion & Transmission

  • Model efficient powertrains as whole systems from the prime mover to the wheel  
  • Design and evaluate drivetrain systems for electric, hybrid & ICE
  • Design, build, and integrate driveshafts, axle, clutch, gearbox, torsional dampers etc.
  • Evaluate powertrains and transmissions in depth for NVH analysis and control strategies


Improve Vehicle Dynamics & Comfort

  • Virtually analyze the vehicle’s ride quality with lateral and longitudinal movements
  • Evaluate vibration sources, propagation paths & interdependencies
  • Improve overall vehicle stability and predict tipping or misuse 
  • Design and dimension air suspension systems 
  • Study thermal comfort and HVAC performance  


Optimize Vehicle Sub-systems 

  • Capture sub-system dynamics e.g. hydraulic and pneumatic braking (ABS/ESC) and steering 
  • Build vehicle systems from sub-systems through Functional Mockup Interface (FMI)  
  • Integrate with FEA 
  • Evaluate all sorts of mechatronic sub-systems and integrate controllers with physics from other domains 


Evaluate Electrification Strategies

  • Evaluate energy consumption
  • Predict EV range & performance in real operating scenarios. 
  • Evaluate electric drivetrain systems with electric motors & batteries. 
  • Configure the battery stacks considering the electrical, thermal and  aging characteristics of the cells 


Speed-up with Advanced Solutions

  • Virtual Proving Ground to test vehicles for safety, comfort & durability 
  • Virtual commissioning with real-time capable driveline and vehicle models or auxiliary drives and mechanisms (SiL, HiL, MiL) 
  • System reliability analysis (SRA) enabling Digital Twin 

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