ESI’s performance is a paradox: ESI Group is a key technology provider operating in a vibrant market and yet profit and growth are far below comparable and stakeholder expectations. The Group developed the “OneESI 2024 - Focus to Grow” plan by focusing its offerings & innovation management, leveraging its global technical expertise, and globalizing its operations.

It is time to get it right by focusing on the core.  



    Cristel Qoute

    Press Release: ESI 3-year strategic plan “OneESI 2024 – Focus to Grow”

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    Meet the Transformation Team!

    Dr. Cristel de Rouvray

    Chief Executive Officer, ESI Group


    Mike Salari

    Corporate COO


    Olfa Zorgati

    EVP, CFO & Operations


    Francis Griffiths

    EVP Sales


    Dr. Dominique Lefebvre

    Executive Vice-president Product Operations


    Corinne Romefort-Régnier

    Corporate Governance Director


    Yannick Charron

    Vice President of Human Resources


    Emmanuel Leroy

    EVP Industry Solutions


    Florence Barré

    Chief of Staff


    Our Key Differentiators 

    A New CORE Strategic Vision to Inspire and Focus

    A Clear Opportunity for Simulation and ESI

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    OneESI 2024 - Our Financial Objectives


    ESI - Press & Shareholders contact  

    Florence Barré 

    investors [at]  

    +33 1 49 78 28 28 



    Verbatee – Press & Investors Relations  

    Jérôme Goaer, j.goaer [at], +33 6 61 61 79 34 

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