Event Program

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1035 - 1055

Coffee Break

1230 - 1330

Lunch Break and Demo Session

1330 - 1400

Application of GSP module to describe TBL correlation for SEA aircraft models

Location: Maritim I -A

Sören Callsen, Airbus Aircraft

1400 - 1430

Aircraft Ditching Simulation within a Multi-disciplinary Aircraft Design Process Chain

Location: Maritim I - A

Christian Leon, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)

1430 - 1500

Mars Rover: Systems Engineering meets Simulation

Location: Maritim I - A

Fabian Fischer, PROSTEP

1500 - 1530

Coffee Break and Demo Session

1530 - 1600

Experimental and numerical study of distortion of flat and L-shaped composite coupons

Location: Maritim I - A
Dr. Ronald Klomp-de Boer

R&D Engineer, Netherlands Aerospace Centre

1600 - 1630

Effect of infusion parameters and defects of the reinforcement on the generation of porosity in fiber reinforced composites

Location: Maritim I - A

Silvio Facciotto, IFB Institut für FlugzeugbauUniversität Stuttgart

1630 - 1700

Simulation-based system reliability analysis of electrohydraulic actuator with dual modular redundancy

Location: Maritim I - A

Dr. Maxim Andreev, ESI GmbH 

1700 - 1730

Simulation of the deformation and failure behaviour of locally fibre-reinforced metal structures under highly dynamic loading conditions

Location: Maritim I - A

Moritz Kuhtz, Technische Universität Dresden

1800 - 2000

Berlin @Night

Boat Tour along the Spree river

2000 - 2300

Anniversary Dinner