(Sr) Specialist, Validation & Support

The ESI Group is a pioneer and world-leading provider in virtual prototyping software solutions. We employ about 1100 highly qualified specialists in 20 countries across the globe. The key to our success is the use of realistic material physics, providing "as good as real" virtual results.

This job offer is no longer available.
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We are looking for talented Specialist or Sr. Specialist, Validation and Support (Weld Solution Domain).  Candidate will be responsible for validation of Weld Solution and timely delivery of high-quality software product along with invovement in the second level support to local ESI subsidiaries.  

The job is open worldwide.


The main roles of the Validation & Support Specialist or Sr. Specialist Will be : 

- Welding solutions validation in close collaboration with development teams, project manager and product manager following main principles of Agile method 

- Customer Central Support (2nd level) to the local support engineers if required 

- Training of local support engineers on new versions of Weld Solutions 

The role is key to ensure the delivery of a high-quality software product and it is an outstanding opportunity to progress your career and to gain hands-on knowledge of manufacturing technology and virtual prototyping. 

The ideal candidate will have an applied knowledge of numerical methods in the field of manufacturing engineering. 



1- Product Validation : 

- Test and validate the products in one of the Weld solutions to ensure a good quality 

- Plan, execute and document the testing of our software solutions to agreed milestones and quality standards 

- Test execution at integration and system test levels 

- Actively and extensively use and stress the software in a wide range of scenarios to find defects before the product reaches the market 

- Analyze simulation results and/or software behavior to perform root cause analysis that help and guide developer towards a resolution 

- Run acceptance and performance tests 

- Report against quality and coverage criteria 

- Create/update regression test automation scripts on a regular basis 


2 - Customer Support : 

- Train local support engineers on new versions of Weld Solutions and contribute that they adopt it 

- Deliver an efficient support to local support engineers within a reasonable timeframe 

- Participate actively to develop a technical knowledge base 

- Develop training documentation and demonstrators to promote ESI’s Weld Solutions