Skip the Surface Defects With a Virtual Light Room

7 April 2020
United States
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Kelli Baird
kelli.baird [at]

Remove uncertainty from try-out and enable virtual lightroom inspection for large flexible outer panels

Normally we try to detect surface defects in body panels by using some contours like stoning, strain and stress field, etc. These results will normally give you good tendencies but it becomes almost impossible to be sure if a surface defect will be important enough to be visible in the part after painting. To overcome that issue ESI Group has developed, in partnership with AUTAZA, a solution that can not only predict but also rate the surface defects found on automotive body panels.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Spot surface defects in your body panel
  • Understand if the surface defects came from part design, die face design, stamping or assembly processes