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How to Fight Range Anxiety with Zero Prototypes
Range anxiety is a leading cause of why consumers remain hesitant to make the switch from traditional combustion to electric vehicles. In turn, frustrations mount for manufacturers as they test new solutions to alleviate this issue. The automotive French start-up Gazelle Tech was one such manufacturer until they found a solution that solved their problem, reducing energy consumption of their vehicle by half and making their vehicle one third the weight of its competition.

3D Printing Brings History to Life
As additive manufacturing continues to stake its claim in the manufacturing space, prototyping was listed as the number one 3D printing application for 2018 according to a recent article on Keep reading to find out how French association Replic’Air has joined the revolution by using 3D combined with prototyping to bring to life a 1940s concept aircraft - and their plan to fly it for the first time ever.

Hybrid Twin™ vs. Digital Twin: We'll Tell You the Difference and Which Can Save the Life of Your Asset
Digital Twin and Hybrid Twin™. You may have heard these seemingly synonymous terms before, but do you know the difference between the two? In an interview with Dr. Slim Soua of TWI, an independent research and technology organization, he shares with us the subtle yet important variances in them as well as how using one of them can save your company tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Digital Transformation

A Smarter Battery Management System
Data-driven Battery Management Systems (BMS) models become inaccurate over time due to degeneration and environmental changes. Physics-based BMS models are often too slow to provide useful real-time information. Alone, each have their issues; together they create a BMS model with huge potential gains. Hybrid Twin™ combines both models to produce a real-time, accurate system. Find out why this is what you need to reassure your customers that they’re getting the best monitoring and predicting BMS.
Digital Transformation

How FCA Brazil Cut Costs and Timelines with VR
As the automotive industry becomes increasingly competitive, reducing costs for unnecessary downtime and launch delays due to production risks becomes that much more important. What if there was a way you could predict potential issues before they become a problem, avoid pre-production pilot assembly and tooling costs and shave off weeks from your production and launch timeline? Marcelo Lima at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles explains how they achieved all of this, and more and how you can too.
Automotive, Virtual Reality

Overcoming Cabin Design Challenges for Autonomous Vehicles
80% of OEMs plan to have autonomous cars on the road by 2025. This requires a complete reinvention of vehicle interior design. Passengers will be able to swivel around the cabin, obtain personalized climate control and better managed acoustics will be required. Discover how you can achieve optimum solutions while, at the same time, reduce the time and cost of product development.

Robots Gone Wild! Learn How to Prevent a System Shutdown and Keep Your Heard of Robots, and Your Business, Operating Smoothly
There was a time when robots in the workplace seemed like distant reality but, for many industries, the future is here. With robots becoming less expensive and more efficient, more companies are adopting this new technology to better their business and customer service. But what happens when your robots become over constrained, malfunction or cause a system shutdown? Vitirover shows us how they’re predicting these issues and preventing them from happening to keep their business on track.
Digital Transformation

Optimizing Energy Consumption in Electric Vehicles
Energy demand is set to increase with the use of electric vehicles. Manufacturers need to optimize energy consumption in their vehicles to reduce the impact on energy supplies. One way is to decrease overall weight by reducing body and trim mass. Hervé Motte at ARRK - a company specializing in Prototyping, Tooling and Low Volume Production - explains how, by taking a different approach, they achieved 30% mass saving. How did they do it?

Use Virtual Reality to Beat Out the Competition
You discover from your customer, at the last minute, that major changes need to be made to your manufacturing program to match a competitor’s offer. Problem is you have neither the time nor the resources to change anything. We’ll tell you how you can immerse yourself into the cyberworld and solve these types of issues quickly and never lose out to a competitor ever again.
Automotive, Virtual Reality