1 June 2021
10:00 - 11:30am (CET)
1.5 h
Christina Theuerkauf
christina.theuerkauf [at] esi-group.com
+49 6102 2067 178

Automotive Smart Manufacturing Webinar Series

The confidence to push the threshold of product performance in future designs requires enterprises to weigh the potential trade-offs of their product’s cost, quality, safety, function, and use of resources. The best way to meet energy efficiency, safety, comfort, and lightweight goals is to evaluate, early on, if a proposed product is practical when it comes to the selected material type, shape and geometry, production costs, and logistics requirements.

By applying Smart Manufacturing, companies can validate the proposed manufacturing processes and material requirements set forth by the product development and design engineering teams.

Fatigue Simulation of Welded Structures

Live Webinar on June 1 - 10 AM (CET)


  • Basic explanation of fatigue prediction of welded structures
  • Explanation of new solution method
  • Material and technical experiments for basic weld joints from material S355J2, S460NL, S460MC, S700MC and S690QL
  • Calibration and validation of numerical solution methodology
  • Industrial examples

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