Webinar: Effective Springback Management to Ensure Dimensional Accuracy of HSS Parts

Date: August 19th, 2021

Time: 2:00PM EST

Increased use of high strength steels and Aluminum made it possible to build lightweight and stronger vehicles but at the same time posing issues of reduced formability and high springback which is associated with these kind of materials. 

The degree of springback experienced with the latest generation materials is so high, and the materials so strong, that it is not possible to ‘correct’ the springback in the prototyping, it becomes mandatory to compensate for springback as part of the draw die design.

Courtesy of Kirchhoff Automotive

   In this webinar, we will discuss -

  • Springback prediction – best possible practices to ensure accurate springback
  • Springback Management
  • Effect of elastic tool deformations on springback and also on surface defects of Class-A panels




Webinar Speaker

Vijay Tunga

Technical Manager