Simulation Solutions Power the Digital Transformation of the Aerospace Sector

Digitalization powering innovation and sustainability

by Slaheddine Frikha

The aerospace industry is facing serious turbulence. From increasing air traffic to producing aircraft at a faster pace, reducing noise and environmental footprint, and not forgetting the global competition for space. Furthermore, tough regulations and stringent certification processes in the aerospace sector slow down, diminish or compromise innovation.

How can you manage such complexity? Many engineers see digital solutions as the most credible approach to boost innovation, reduce risks, and gain efficiency while controlling costs. Leading Virtual Prototyping software provider, ESI Group, provides proven simulation solutions to aerospace companies, from product development to manufacturing and real-time operations.

Expensive vibro-acoustic tests have been replaced by their virtual counterpart. Cabin interiors and seat manufacturers deliver greater user experience thanks to Virtual Prototyping. Global comfort and safety are secured in earlier stages thanks to highly efficient engineering solution easily connected to design requirement and system performance.

ESI solutions also reach the shop floor; applied to decrease scrap rates and increase productivity by getting products right the first time for various manufacturing processes, including casting, sheet metal forming, composites and additive manufacturing. This closes the loop with assembly with dedicated solutions for both mechanical and human centric operation. As factories become increasingly smart, manufacturers ensure that assembly sequences are proficiently performed by debugging design errors and process inefficiencies right from the product development stage.

The objective is simple: zero real tests, zero real prototypes, zero downtime.

The results are palpable: faster product development process, increased product performance, and reduced costs.

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