"Technology is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and revolutionizing the way we work and live. Enter the era of shift-left testing - the use of verification and testing processes based on virtual prototypes earlier in the product lifecycle to identify and solve product issues during the conception phase."

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Catalysts for Change

See the impact of the pressure of deadlines, the pace of change and market demand.

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Challenges and Barriers

Do people or technology challenges most impact the speed and success of your deployment?

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Performance Gains

What productivity and efficiency gains are the "Best-in-Class" development teams experiencing?

Top 10 Benefits

Discover the most beneficial outcomes of using virtual prototyping earlier in your PLM.

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A 20-minute introduction to the research project and findings.

Sarah Clayton, Senior Analyst at Aberdeen Strategy and Research, and Mike Russell, Head of Customer Success at ESI discuss market influences that are driving change, how virtual prototyping is successfully used today, and the barriers to successful adoption. To explore the levels of performance gain experienced by Best-in-Class organizations, and finally the Top 10 Benefits of "shift left testing", we invite you to watch the video and download your copy of the eBook.

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In early 2024, ESI commissioned Aberdeen Strategy and Research to study, measure, and show the Value of Virtual Prototyping. Their research covered senior stakeholders across automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, and heavy machinery manufacturers, enabling them to discover and share the catalysts for change, human and technology challenges, and results you might expect. In the resulting eBook, Senior Analyst Sarah Clayton shares how "Shift Left Testing" and leveraging Virtual Prototyping earlier in your PLM processes will help you increase manufacturability, decrease costs and compliance risks, and improve product quality.

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