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ESI Live features forward thinking innovation leaders from various industries, who speak about their transformative journey.

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Generate ideas to improve industrial resilience and new technology processes and become more agile and responsive to market demands.

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Live Panel discussions, Q&A sessions, Industry presentations tracks - carefully curated to be brief and authentic. Bite-size sessions to make the most of your time.

Keynote Speakers

November 5 - 09:00 - 09:40 am CET

Towards ZERO real tests, ZERO prototypes, ZERO downtime

Hear reflections from ESI Founding members on ESI’s 45+year commitment to technical brilliance and how Virtual Prototyping lays an unprecedented foundation for innovating and operating assets that must deliver socially and economically ambitious “outcomes”, such as inclusive mobility with low carbon emissions.

Professor Francisco Chinesta, Scientific Director of ESI Group, leads a stimulating interview on the company’s unique story and compelling vision with Alain de Rouvray and Eberhard Haug.

Dr. Alain de Rouvray

Chairman, Board of Directors

Dr. Eberhard Haug

Co-Founder, ESI Group

Prof. Francisco Chinesta

Scientific Director, ESI Group

Thought Leadership Panel

November 5 - 3:00 - 04:00 pm CET

Host Cristel de Rouvray, Chief Executive Officer of ESI Group, along with Vincent Champain, SEVP Digital & IT of Framatome Group and Ignacio Martín González, BIW R&D General Director of Gestamp will curate a conversation with other leaders, on long-term thinking in Industry and Business transformation, with an emphasis on cross-industry learning and the organizational and human values that enable courageous, long-term endeavors.

Vincent Champain

Senior Executive Vice President Digital and IT, Framatome Group

Ignacio Martín Gonzalez

BIW R&D General Director, Gestamp

Dr. Cristel de Rouvray

Chief Executive Officer, ESI Group

Live Virtual Reality Demo

In today’s situation it’s even more important to enable collaboration virtually. With "immersive design reviews" engineering teams can evaluate human-centric product and process interactions. Thereby recognizing potential assembly risks that may arise to adjust the design or procedure, when needed, to prevent issues from escalating during production.

Join our live Human-Centric Demo to understand: 

  • How to achieve lead time, cost, and downtime reduction targets of your product development by using immersive technologies
  • How Human-Centric Validation enables you to evaluate design concepts to identify, resolve, and mitigate issues
  • How to enable collaboration between globally distributed team members & suppliers for optimal cross-functional team performance

Flexible Agenda & Registration

Opening Keynote Panel
  • Welcome - 9am CET
  • Panel Discussion
Industry Tracks ​​​​​​- In-depth Sessions with Presentations and Interactive Panel Discussions
  • Automotive Session - Reinventing Mobility for a Safer, Sustainable and Connected World - 10am CET
  • Aerospace Session - Transforming the Industry with Smart Manufacturing and Design - 12:30pm CET
  • Energy & Heavy Machinery Session - Design reliable products for the most challenging environments - 12:30pm CET
Human-Centric - Live VR Demo - 2:25pm CET
Thought Leadership Panel3pm CET


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Join our industry sessions with roundtables and presentations to see how leading companies have embarked on profound transformation leveraging virtual prototyping and Hybrid Twin™. They will share their journey to connect design, manufacturing, certification and operations in-service to commit to socially ambitious "outcomes".


Reinventing Mobility for a Safer, Sustainable and Connected World




Transforming the Industry with Smart Manufacturing and Design


Energy & Heavy Machinery

Design reliable products for the most challenging environments


Who Should Attend?

  • Executives, Managers, Decision-makers
  • Key contributors in Product and Program development, manufacturing, quality, innovation
  • R&D who have mission critical needs to reduce development time & cost
  • Key Companies in major industrial sectors who need to realign their strategy and product development around digital transformations to address their customer outcomes, from asset performance to safety or manufacturability


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