Shaping the Next Generation of Aerospace Thanks to Virtual Prototyping

18 June 2019
Paris, France
ESI Showcases its Solutions at the Paris Air Show

ESI Group, leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services, will be at the 53rd International Paris Air Show from June 17 to 23 2019. By offering immersive experiences and exclusive interactions with its experts, ESI will demonstrate the essential role of simulation in helping Aeronautics and Aerospace players in their quest for performance, productivity and sustainability. Its Virtual Reality solution will also be featured on customer booths (Daher, Safran Nacelles, etc.).

The aeronautics and aerospace industries are facing major challenges: design and control of the supply chain in light of a significant increase in passenger traffic (6 billion by 2030 against 3.7 billion today), environmental challenges requiring an accelerated renewal of the fleet, security challenges and behavioral changes of increasingly connected passengers. To face all these challenges while meeting budget constraints, Virtual Prototyping, displacing the need for real tests and prototypes, is critical to address and accelerate the sector’s development.

Thanks to its comprehensive proficiency in prototyping techniques based on the physics of materials, ESI offers solutions that meet the challenges of industrial transformation to improve the performance of products throughout their life cycle. Combined with virtual reality, these solutions become immersive and operator-centric. They accelerate collaborative decision-making from the project innovation stage to predictive maintenance.

According to Cristel de Rouvray, CEO of ESI: “ESI is a trusted partner, truly capable of working with aerospace groups in their transformation thanks to Virtual Prototyping. We act as an accelerator that allows aerospace manufacturers to meet all their design, production, maintenance, environmental and safety challenges, and to consistently produce faster, better and cheaper. The International Paris Air Show is a great opportunity to showcase the results of our partnerships in aeronautics and in other industries with relevant cross-over experience, like the automotive industry where we serve as a long-standing catalyst for better performance.”

Experience ESI solutions thanks to immersive demonstrations:

  • Design Validation with Immersive Design Review: ESI Booth – Hall 4 – D92
  • Shaping the Cabin Interior of Future Aircraft: ESI Booth – Hall 4 – D92
  • Human-Centric support training for airliners: The Career Plane – Safran Nacelles Booth
  • Co-design solution linking Engineering and Manufacturing: Paris Air Lab – New Methods for Development and Production Booth

Meet ESI experts:

Developing the seats and cabins of the future

ESI offers Virtual Prototyping solutions for aircraft cabins, using a digital methodology to design more high-performance products while controlling the risks associated with innovation. Expliseat’s experience illustrates the value of this approach. Expliseat was able to design, certify and market the lightest aircraft seat on the market - weighing just 4 k- without relying on real prototypes.

Getting parts right the first time

ESI applies its renowned expertise in the physics of materials to model several manufacturing processes, reducing defect rates while increasing productivity and profitability.

Putting people back at the heart of the factory to increase productivity

ESI offers an immersive virtual reality solution with realistic physics to anticipate ergonomic problems and process design errors well before the start of production, enabling manufacturers to better support ramp-ups and increase operational agility.

ESI at the International Paris Air Show: Pole ASTECH, Hall 4, Booth D92