16 March 2021
France, Online
Alina Kojemiakina
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Note: This event is held in French language (visit French event page).

Regardless the industrial domain in which you develop your future industrial products or equipment, the environment you are working in becomes more complex. As a manufacturer or a supplier, you are facing many technological challenges when working to meet your customers’ expectations in terms of quality, robustness, safety, and delivery time.

With the rise of the outcome economy, the performance of the product in service becomes more important than the product itself. Facing these challenges, our vision consists in supporting you with the implementation of disruptive digital solutions allowing you to reach the objective: Zero Test, Zero Prototype, Zero Downtime. The technological and economic benefits are tangible: faster time to market, improved product performance, increased operating life of your product and reduced costs (engineering, manufacturing, maintenance). If you want to boost agility and push innovation without sacrificing safety and quality, we invite you to engage with us.

We are pleased to share with you testimonials from some of the major industrial actors and experts of digital transformation allowing the elimination of tests, physical prototypes and service downtime.


A plenary session where our CEO - Cristel de Rouvray - and our keynotes recognized for their expertise and authority, present the strategic challenges of digital transformation and the disruptive value brought to their industrial fields, in particular the impact on their internal organization as well as on costs, quality and deadlines for their customers.

Olivier Colmard

Integrated Computer Aided Engineering & Product Lifecycle Management, Vice President / Renault Group / Engineering Division


Michael Dessagne

Framatome - Innovation Officer


Laurent Champaney

Président of Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology / Vice-President of French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles


Benjamin Saada



Dr Cristel de Rouvray

Chief Executive Officer since Feb. 1st, 2019 and Board member


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Industry sessions with presentations to see how leading companies have embarked on profound transformation leveraging virtual prototyping and Hybrid Twin™. An exclusive view on their journey to connect design, manufacturing, certification and operations in-service to commit to socially ambitious "outcomes".


Current automotive engineering and manufacturing processes are changing in line with new regulations and requirements surrounding approvals and certification of innovative mobility solutions. We will be discussing the innovations related to technology driving lightweight structural design, thermal and acoustic comfort, interior design in order to optimize the performance of the vehicles.



The aerospace industry also faces challenges to reduce its environmental footprint and become more sustainable while supporting market growth. We will be discussing how our prototyping solutions allow to design, evaluate, produce and operate devices and their industrial systems while contributing to respond to these challenges.



Companies have to comply with increasingly complex regulatory requirements while improving operational performance. Addressing these issues relies on ad-hoc engineering modeling methodologies that must tackle with accuracy operational and accidental events applicable to the production and transportation installations.


Eric Daubourg

COO, ESI France

ESI France is particularly honored to organize this 100% digital event, in partnership with the support of our customers, partners and sponsors, which will be an opportunity for our customers to testify the value they have achieved in the digital transformation of their industrial challenges, and for our academic partners and sponsors to illustrate our active collaborations in support of our research and development activities, innovations, and current and future technological transformations.

I look forward to welcoming you, and thank you on behalf of Cristel de Rouvray, our CEO, for your commitment and participation on this occasion.


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