Save the Date | November 4th, 2021 

No matter what industry you’re in, the expectations of digital transformation, vision zero, digital twins, and sustainability are REAL. You hear the buzz words and endless promises but how do you get an authentic look and see clearly what’s in it for you?

With ESI Live,Get it Right”:

1. Get clarity on the journey and discover how we help, with real industrial examples

2. Build trust in our fully advanced digital capabilities in Virtual Prototyping and Hybrid Twin technologies

3. Partner with us to deliver on the ambitious transformational journey you have set out to explore

ESI Live speakers share Mission Zero for a sustainable future that is safe, clean, and productive. They share a commitment to products that are right – over their lifetime – for their customers; they share the belief in collaborative ecosystems, combining unique digital strengths to create revolutionary, connected, predictive, intelligent outcomes; and ultimately, they share a passion and ingenuity for technological innovation and the courage of doing things differently.

ESI Live will be broadcasted from Germany, featuring our local team and long-standing customers.

Mark your calendars!

First speakers confirmed

Monica Schnitger

President and Principal Analyst, Schnitger Corporation

Alan Banks

Innovation & Industrial Engagement Supervisor, Ford Motor Company

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Weber

Director, University Professor, Institute of Mechatronic Engineering, Technische Universität Dresden

Susanne Hellwig

AR/VR Deployment Leader, Alstom

Dr. Harri Kulmala


Get Inspired by Thought Leaders

Sustainability and responsible business practices are core objectives on the executive agenda of most industry leaders. Yet, where do companies stand today in terms of execution and implementation? This is the scope of the Plenary and executive panel - where executives and thought leaders make sense of common themes such as digital continuity and the future of technological innovation. And most importantly, they will share best practices and lessons learned from their company’s transformation journey. Be inspired with real, actionable examples! 


Watch our past Thought Leadership Discussions with Framatome, Gestamp, Nissan, and more!

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Where Industry Technology Trends 'Hit the Road'

Industry Sessions offer unique interactive roundtables and presentations from leading companies on themes around Mission Zero to address a more sustainable future. ESI Live speakers will share how they embarked on key digital transformation initiatives by leveraging innovative technologies such as Virtual Prototyping and Hybrid Twin to deliver products that are right – over their lifetime – for their customers.

Highlights from industry tracks include:

• Live industry and expert panel discussions with peers from major OEMs and suppliers

• Virtual Prototyping and digitization initiatives to address today’s top trending challenges

• Q&A with industry leaders on how they embrace digital transformation to achieve Mission Zero

Grow Your Ecosystem

Throughout the event, the digital event platform offers multiple ways to reach out and make a new connection. Attendees can chat in groups or send direct messages to one of our many industry team members. During our networking breaks, chat with the speakers and other attendees in our "speed dating" space – conference style! 



Join our Featured Live Human-Centric Demo

Visit our Technology Showcase for a live interactive demo and see how to validate product integration and manufacturing & maintenance processes early in a human-centric way. Learn, with confidence, how integrating human interactions through your product development lifecycle is the way forward for predicting and mitigating risk.

Plus – Industry-focused video demonstrators will be available in the dedicated exhibit halls highlighting key topic such as multi-material assemblies, electrification and battery, durability and misuse, parts manufacturing, range, acoustics, and more.

Who should attend?

Executives, managers, decision-makers & key contributors in product and program development, manufacturing, quality, innovation, sustainability, and R&D who:

  • Have mission critical needs to reduce development time & cost
  • Face new technology challenges and growing production and assembly complexities
  • Need to guarantee product uptime and productivity commitments throughout their product lifecycle
  • Are compelled to secure compliance with environmental and safety regulations

Key companies in major industrial sectors need to realign their strategy and product development around digital transformations to address their customer outcomes, from asset performance to safety or manufacturability.

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