FAR Uses Simulation to Select the Right Die Casting Machine and Improves Production Rate and Margins

Heavy Industry & Machinery
“Today Casting simulation is mandatory and necessary to reach best quality results including choosing the right tonnage of the machine to reduce costs. Thanks to these results in quality and costs, FAR can be competitive in the market.”
Gianfranco Lenzi, CEO FAR srl


To increase the production of an automotive oil pump, FAR knew they needed to move from a single cavity die to a double cavity die. With this change, they would need to keep costs low yet still produce the highest quality casting possible, with the right die casting machine (DCM).

FAR Uses Two Cavity Die to Improve Production Rate and Margins


Since 1992, FAR has played an active role in the constantly evolving and challenging automotive sector, with dedication and innovation. FAR’s commitment to its clientele is to remain a reliable and proactive partner, leveraging the best technologies, offering their expertise in the die casting process, and ensuring close cooperation for better planning and problem-solving. Therefore, when a customer called on FAR to increase production on an automotive oil pump, it was only natural for FAR to seek out the most cutting-edge and effective approach.


New functionality within ESI ProCAST allows simulation to account for DCM characteristics. FAR successfully switched from one to two high-quality cavities and engineered a new die design for the right die casting machine at a minimum cost.