Create a Streamlined Process to Reduce Scrap Metal and Increase Part Production

It’s no secret that foundries must constantly evolve to stay competitive. One could argue that cutting-edge technology is the best way to do that. But how?

Here’s a glimpse into how Renault went from problem to promise by adding the missing puzzle piece to their process.

Their goal was to standardize their production methodologies. This meant devising a standard for creating molding layout and feeding design that could be replicated across a wide range of casting products. For the pilot project, they chose an existing 6-cavity mold layout of a cast iron knuckle; one already in production but experiencing some noticeable shrinkage porosity problems.

With the help of simulation, they did that and more. They resolved their shrinkage porosity issue, significantly improving their yield, which resulted in a 37% metal savings on every part. They also took their 6-cavity die mold to an 8-cavity one, and allowed them to produce an additional 520 part per hour.

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