Webinar - OpenFOAM v1912

DATE: March 26th, 2020
TIME: 10am CET & 12pm EST / 9am PST

Following the January release of OpenFOAM-v1912, we are pleased to present the new features in pre/post-processing, physics, solver numerics and process control; including the new Mesh Morphing functionality to complete the Adjoint Optimisation capabilities, and applications, news views and events from the wider OpenFOAM Community.

Don't miss our Exclusive Presentation on : OpenFOAM® HPC Technical Committee: Overview and Priorities by Ivan Spisso, Cineca


  • Adjoint shape optimization capabilities
  • Interface tracking dynamic mesh
  • New kEpsilonPhit-f turbulence model
  • New Expression syntax
  • Extensions to wave modelling, 6DoF features, radiation modelling, meshing options, post-processing, etc.

March 26th - 10 am CET
March 26th - 12pm EST / 9am PST


Fred Mendonca, ESI Group

Fred is the Director of Computational Dynamics at ESI Group. He joined ESI in 2018 and is an expert in CAE design, manufacturing and in-service; market-leading proprietary software, open-source and uniquely expert engineering services.