Vibro-acoustic E-Book | Achieve an Optimal Vehicle Acoustic Experience for Electric Vehicles.

Reduce the number of virtual prototype tests and create a pleasant journey with superior sound quality by removing undesired interior and exterior noise.

Vibro-acoustics engineers face tough challenges in optimizing the noise of lightweight electrified vehicles:

  • Unwanted vibrations and acoustic disturbances become more prominent inside the cabin while the challenge of meeting pass-by-noise regulations persists.
  • Find ways to purposely create noise around the new silence to protect vulnerable road users in EV traffic with effective acoustic warning systems.
  • Tight development timelines and R&D budget constraints can only be met with a first-time-right engineering approach.
  • Yet, how can you figure out all these outcomes simultaneously and get early confidence in the optimal design, given that you need extensive prototype testing and validation to achieve the desired acoustic performance?

To efficiently solve the complex acoustic engineering challenges at scale and reduce emissions, testing milage, tooling & material cost, a paradigm shift is needed in vehicle development. Join organizations like Bentley, Audi, and the US Army in harnessing the convenience of a digital wind tunnel.

By reading this e-book, you will gain insights into the latest advancements in EV acoustics engineering and discover how VA-One can revolutionize your approach to testing and development.

  • How to go fully digital in acoustic testing of exterior and interior noise?
  • How to hit your regulatory and performance targets for exterior noise using VA One?
  • How to deliver the best possible in-cabin experience while meeting weight and cost constraints?
  • What do you expect from predictive, fully virtual vibroacoustic testing?