VA One 2019 - What's New

DATE: October, 23rd 2019
TIME: 9:00 am (CET) / 12:00 pm EST / 9:00 am PST
LENGTH: 45min

ESI Group is pleased to announce the release of ESI VA One 2019. The full-spectrum Vibro-Acoustics simulation software from ESI integrates deterministic and statistical Vibro-Acoustics analysis methods. This makes VA One the unique solution for Vibro-Acoustics simulation that covers the entire frequency range

The upcoming release webinar will be presented by Chad Musser, Vibro-Acoustics Solution Director

Save your seat for this limited-attendance event, where you will have the oppotunity to learn about the main VA One 2019 enhancements.

9am Paris, Berlin Time
12pm EST / 9am PST


  • Ray Tracing Improvements
    • High-Order and flexible diffraction model
    • Tool to help user define best Ray Tracing parameters to optimize performance
  • FE Solver Improvements
    • Use of internal ESI FE solver based on VPS (Virtual Performance Solution) replacing COSMIC NASTRAN
    • Periodic Module now uses this solver and supports orthotropic/isotropic materials and uniform and composite cross-sections
    • FE Structural and FE Acoustic modal solves can now use this VPS solver
  • Compact Acoustic Source (CAS) previously available as a Ray Tracing source can now also be used as a BEM source
  • DFAT Module now includes Optimization options to define best-fit sources from target levels and correlation at control microphones
  • Improved SEA line junction formulation
  • Merge nodes improvement for SEA model building acceleration