Today’s complex development projects require new methods and experienced engineers to deliver the right answer using simulation software and services. In the past few years, Virtual Prototyping has become critical for the entire product development process. Today, virtual methods show significant advantages over physical tests in response time, cost, repeatability, or optimization - especially in the early design phase.

The value of Virtual Prototyping has been driven by the increasing realism of the physics included in the simulation and the rapidly expanding capability of modern computer hardware. Harnessing the full capacity of realistic simulation requires experts trained in the latest methods and tools.

With over 40 years of experience in Computer-Aided Engineering, ESI has a team of specialists in various disciplines to help our customers fill resource gaps, improve internal knowledge, and get better results in a shorter timeframe. Close collaboration between ESI engineers, universities, and industrial partners is our solution to advanced engineering methods.

Software Application Training

ESI has over 40 years of expertise in software application training.
Our classes are taught by highly skilled engineers responsible for consulting and support activities. Thanks to their years of practice and field experience, they are fully prepared to answer your needs.

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Advanced Technical Support & Assistance

ESI provides advanced technical support and assistance worldwide. From quick answers via our emergency hotline to technical assistance, our engineering teams offer immediate and expert support. Troubleshooting hotline via telephone, email or fax for quick answers.

Day-to-day assistance for end-users to solve simulation problems, analyze data models, and provide recommendations.

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ESI OpenFOAM Consulting Services

In addition to its main business activity of software publishing and distribution, ESI also provides consulting services directly related to Virtual Prototyping. Consulting covers the following four fields: Engineering studies, Field Services, Contracting, and Special Projects.

ESI also offers an open-source solution, OpenFOAM, for fluid dynamics. OpenFOAM is ideal for everyone – from a student doing research in specific areas of CFD, professionals trying to predict hydrodynamic design behavior, or companies striving to solve and improve their industry products by means of virtual prototyping.

  • Are you new to OpenFOAM? Check out our OpenFOAM Training, or use the power of ESI’s Visual-Environment for CAD clean-up, case set-up, run and post-processing: Visual-CFD
  • Do you want to run your own cases? You can access our professional support available worldwide, get the extensions to OpenFOAM functionality as you need them
  • Do you want to get optimum results for your application? ESI is highly skilled in consulting projects, from benchmarks to specific applications and process automation. Visit:


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myESI Customer Portal 

myESI provides instant access to a wide range of downloads, such as training manuals and release notes, selected software downloads and training information, as well as Tips & Tricks. All of these provide benefit for members of the ESI community, allowing them to enhance their software usage. Today, the portal features dedicated content for all ESI software solutions.


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