Virtual Reality : a Solution for Building, Maintenance or plant Dismantling

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With the development of Industry 4.0, Virtual Reality has become essential in order to address decision making challenges. It enables engineers to evaluate complex situations while improving design, enhancing engineering processes productivity and integrating human-centric interactions. Virtual Reality allows engineers and interdisciplinary teams to explore, validate and solve complex integration, assembly and service scenarios at the intersection of product function and human interactions.

As a major player in innovation, ESI offers a functional, human-centric virtual reality solution: ESI IC.IDO. Based on advanced VR technology, IC.IDO provides a true virtual prototype, based on real-time physics, simulating interaction with the real world and allowing unlimited testing.

Used by Framatome, this industrial solution will be presented and illustrated during this webinar. Framatome will present the use of IC.IDO through a use case specific to the nuclear sector.


Presented by Nicolas Fromont - Presales Virtual Reality at ESI France

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