Heavy Machinery - Human Centric Product & Process Validation

Virtual Reality
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The digitalization of product design and engineering is well accepted and practiced in most Heavy Machinery & Equipment engineering organizations—especially for those design attributes which have quantifiable standards and limits. Although when it comes to ergonomics and impact of human factors, until people can walk around, climb on, sit in, and take assemble-disassemble-reassemble the actual product, we often don’t know what to assess and what is acceptable or not.

Operating, assembling, or servicing a first-of-its-kind product or implementing new methods, we often can’t know what it is that we don’t know about that product— operators will face these challenges when interacting with products they have yet to experience. For this reason, assembly process planning has long relied on pre-production prototyping and assembly piloting to allow workers to experience and evaluate proposed assembly processes and tooling. Similarly, service and maintenance planning are most often based on previous products history or require service teardown workshops conducted on the pre-production prototypes.  

Access our webinar on Human Centric Product and Process Validations to see how leading enterprises conduct product integration, assembly process, and service method validations in Virtual Reality.