Optimal Acoustic Experience & Safety with EV Engineering


The rise of the electric vehicles has created unique challenge to reinvent acoustic engineering while maintaining safety and comfort for occupants and pedestrians. While automotive designers previously focused on the engine as a dominant noise source for both interior and exterior noise emissions, this is no longer the case with Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.

Quiet inside and loud outside – OEMs face a unique contradiction. EVs are often considered too quiet. Therefore, acoustic vehicle alerting systems (AVAS) are essential to make the vehicle audible to bystanders. Simultaneously, the comfort functions such as sound systems have to be rethought to meet the demand for individualized comfort. These new requirements and challenges are vast and have the potential to greatly hinder the development of EVs.

With virtual prototyping, iterate quickly on the design, propose and test multiples innovative concepts without impacting the final delivery schedule.

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  • Get silence in the car, thanks to a smart car structure design which absorbs noise
  • Design passenger sound zones for optimal driver speech clarity, noise cancellation and AVA
  • Develop a BEM and Ray tracing model of a car with warning sound devices


Massimiliano Calloni

VA Product Marketing Manager


Simon Martin

Vibro-Acoustic Technical Consultant