Laval Virtual Europe ESI Group: virtual reality from upstream to downstream

5 July 2021
Paris, France

ESI Group, a global player in virtual prototyping for industries, will be present at Laval Virtual from July 7 to 9, 2021. In addition to showcasing its flagship solution for human-centric virtual simulation and collaborative work, IC.IDO, ESI Group will be present at the virtual exhibition via avatars to interact with customers and prospects. The following industrial use cases will be presented: assembly and disassembly simulation as well as design, process and ergonomics reviews. On the other hand, demonstrations will also be carried out on the Manus VR stand (B6), on the physical version of the exhibition, to highlight the link and the complementarity between Manus VR virtual reality gloves and the IC.IDO solution.

Upstream to downstream
Using virtual reality, engineers can test, experiment and validate their designs in total immersion before launching production. Evaluating the viability and functioning of a product without having access to the product is a very complicated imaginative and creative exercise. The use of virtual reality solves this problem while increasing collaboration, accelerating innovation, and reducing costs, manufacturing lead times, and the environmental footprint of manufacturers. ESI Group's customers rely on virtual prototypes to digitally demonstrate feasibility, reliability, and safety early in the development cycle.

100% virtual vehicle design - Volkswagen
The development of a new vehicle usually requires time and a certain number of physical prototypes, both during the design and preparation for assembly phases. Volkswagen has succeeded in doing it thanks, in part, to the state-of-the-art solution provided by ESI Group, based on its IC.IDO software, 100% of the time in designing a vehicle virtually. This allowed the automotive company to shorten its schedule to 10 months and drastically reduce prototype production costs by 65%, while reducing its environmental footprint.

Virtual reality for training - Framatome
Framatome's School of Design offers a space dedicated to creativity and prototyping methods via, among others, its virtual reality Sideral Lab. The Sideral Lab was built around the IC.IDO tool and enables collaborative virtual reality immersions. The objective is to accelerate and facilitate the transmission of information and knowledge about the design of complex systems.

Accelerate and secure developments - Latécoère
Latécoère uses virtual reality to obtain more in-depth feedback during the development phase, to secure their "first time right", to reduce their industrialization time and to train their operators upstream. In particular, they can work on assembly sequences and assembly methods (for example, defining the most appropriate order for assembling parts according to their geometry and accessibility).


The use of virtual reality is a major turning point in industrial production. It is now used at all stages of product design, from prototyping to production. ESI Group goes even further with IC.IDO, which is a Human Factor simulation solution, not just VR. It is one of the few solutions that allows the combination of both. In terms of added value, our solution enables process optimization, design improvement, occupational health and productivity, significant time savings and improved maintainability.

David Rauline
France Pre&PostSales Manager - ESI Group

Information on ESI Group's presence at the exhibition: LAVAL VIRTUAL 2021