Helping our customers and partners – ESI’s north star is the Covid-19 crisis

9 April 2020
Paris, France

The Coronavirus is now challenging our business and our way of life all around the world. The health and safety of our colleagues, our customers and partners is of paramount importance for us. Like many companies, we introduced internal measures, some global like travels restrictions and remote work policy; some local tailored to each situation and local regulations. ESI is committed and able to provide the same excellent level of services and technical support to which our customers have become accustomed.

Thanks to the dedication and expertise of our IT & Facilities team, all our employees, globally, have all access and connectivity that offer them the full flexibility of being able to work from anywhere. All our teams, from our account management team to our customer support are 100% reachable to accompany the industry and its teams in the use and implementation of our solutions in infrastructure. Helping maintaining performance and productivity is our main preoccupation.

This situation will surely break down some habits and routines and change our way of seeing things, situations; including complex challenges. What if it accelerates change or spurs innovation? At ESI, we like to see the world in a different light, leading to co-create a new wave of disruptive solutions. We are more than ever motivated to be part of your solution … especially when complex situations occur.

As we respond to this new reality, we will remain focused on driving our business forward and supporting our customers and partners. We will do our best to keep our employees, customers and partners safe and productive. We are committed to maintaining our services and support at a very high level during this uncertain time, and we are available to help in any way we can.