ESI Group to collaborate on R&D French project for sustainable automotive aluminum solutions

14 January 2021
Paris, France

ESI Group, global player in virtual prototyping for industries, is to develop lightweight, recyclable and cost-efficient aluminum solutions for the automotive market along with Constellium, Groupe Renault, Institut de Soudure (Welding Institute) and the University of Lorraine within the ISA3 project.

“ESI Group’s solutions will help to develop and validate the design and manufacturing of the aluminum doors without the need for physical prototypes. The technology used will enable faster and more accurate predictions of forming, assembly and crash performance of the ISA3 door project. ESI is the French leader offering the most complete range of virtual manufacturing and pre-certification solutions for the industry. The virtualization of all these tests enables our clients to make significant time and cost savings and greatly reduce their environmental footprint.”

Pierre Culière
Pre-Certification & Validation Outcome Director, ESI Group

Project ISA3 focuses on the design and development of aluminum automotive doors that would be 15% lighter than current average aluminum solutions, more efficient to produce, and recyclable at all stages of its life cycle. This €7 million project is to further lightweight vehicles by accelerating automakers’ transition from steel to aluminum. Scheduled to run through 2023, it will focus on alloys and solutions that enable closed loop recycling.

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