ESI Group appoints Mike Salari to Corporate Chief Operating Officer - Revenue Generation

16 February 2021
Paris, France

ESI Group, a global player in virtual prototyping for industries is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Salari as Corporate Chief Operating Officer (C-COO) Revenue Generation. Mike will continue to report to the Group CEO, Cristel de Rouvray.

Revenue Generation is a newly formed family of functions with focus on customer-centric business execution to ensure accountability and commitment on the Group’s performance. Mike will be leading this activity generating a sustainable growth plan with current and future clients across globe.

Mike Salari joined ESI Group in 2008 when ESI acquired Mindware, an engineering services company he founded and operated from Detroit, USA and Pune, India. After contributing to its successful integration at ESI, including the creation of a now thriving business unit in India, Mike went on to hold a variety of roles, spanning integration of new business, business development, general management and coordinating global processes. Mike Salari started his career in virtual engineering in the early 1990s. Since then, he has been working closely with OEMs and their suppliers in various industries to develop and implement simulation based innovative solutions to improve product design and development. He was one of the partners and VP of Operations at ICEM CFD Engineering, when the company was acquired by ANSYS in 2000.

Mike has been a determined supporter of ESI Group’s transformation. He tirelessly worked to help others understand that our differentiation lies in outcome-focused solutions, combining services and licenses to deliver mission critical value to our customers, and evolving our business model to be able to leverage our global resources. His commitment and enthusiasm extend to his remarkable “multiplier” managerial style: he has encouraged countless ESI employees to take on broader roles and become ESI entrepreneurs, blazing new trails for our company.

Cristel de Rouvray
CEO at ESI Group

Mike Salari holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Oklahoma.