CIMPA and ESI Group collaborate on PLM interoperability solutions

16 February 2022
Paris, France
Opening new perspectives for the industry: shorter product development time, reduced costs, and continuous improvement of business processes

CIMPA, a major player of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) consulting and services, and ESI Group providing reliable software solutions anchored on predictive physics modeling and virtual prototyping expertise, announce the signature of a collaborative partnership. Both companies aim at providing manufacturers with Virtual Reality (VR) solutions that can be seamlessly integrated in existing PLM environments and processes.

The combination of CIMPA's know-how in PLM solutions integration and digital product mock-up management with ESI's virtual prototyping expertise opens new perspectives for manufacturers: improving and redesigning work methods from a human-centric or first-person point of view through all the product development phases. The purpose of this cooperation is to enable industrial companies to achieve “first time right’ product development and to identify non-conformities with less physical prototyping. By seamlessly bridging product design, manufacturing engineering, and maintenance planning, the benefits are tangible, particularly for the aerospace industry: accelerate development time, reduce costs, and shorten time to market.  

This innovative approach also fosters continuous improvement of business processes and supports sustainable practices: the validation processes, from the design phases to the production and the implementation, often long, sometimes successive, or parallel, can be a source of delays or complexity. Now they can be enhanced and made easier by technologies such as Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality so to avoid waste of resources and be more cost-efficient. For instance, Virtual Reality enables design choices or maintenance operations testing ahead of time and thus accelerate the decision-making.