What I see, I do, with IC.IDO

Virtual Reality
Aerospace & Defense, Ground Transportation, Heavy Industry & Machinery

IC.IDO can do more than just visualize product geometry in Virtual Reality, it is a powerful digital mock-up environment that enables engineers, process planners, tooling designers, and other stakeholders to participate in collaborative virtual process reviews. Whether assessing the integration of adjacent systems within new mobility products or evaluating proposed assembly line cells to produce those vehicles, nothing can fully replace the value of experiencing new products in the context of physical interactions; however through immersive virtual reality IC.IDO transcends time and space to let individual engineers or cross-functional teams conduct product integration reviews with true-to-life physics.

• Product integration and space claim

• Elastic hose, cable, and wiring real-time simulations

• Component installation & removal

• Operator reachability, visibility, and access

ESI Group IC.IDO is a tool for the virtual validation of Human Centric Processes in new product development and product integration. Our subscribers, from leading enterprises around the world, rely on IC.IDO to bring their cross-functional teams together to experience future products in the context of assembly or maintenance operations that required humans to perform them. With leading-edge extended reality immersion, participants in group or individual reviews can evaluate if they can "Reach it, Load it, and Install it, Turn it, use it, or remove it." Whether it rolls, flies, or floats OEMs and suppliers like you can experience the processes of tomorrow, TODAY.

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