Weld Distortion Engineering

Welding & Assembly
Ground Transportation


During the assembly process of chassis and suspension sub-systems in the automotive sector, thick plate sub-systems in the heavy industry or thick plate ship segments in naval, a large amount of heat is produced locally by the welding process, which potentially can cause your final assembly to be out of specified tolerances after cooling and unclamping. Correcting for dimensional inaccuracies when fixtures, clamps and parts are already produced can be extremely costly and time-consuming.

ESI SYSWELD has been designed to accurately predict the distortions of the final component, taking into account all the physics for materials and various welding processes, such as laser welding, arc welding, friction stir welding and electron beam welding… The solution allows you to investigate the effectiveness of countermeasures like changing the number of clamps, the position of clamps, the sequences of clamping and welding or the effect of applying pre-deformation.

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