IC.IDO Persistent Experience: Immersive Viewpoints Anywhere, Anytime

Virtual Reality
Ground Transportation, Heavy Industry & Machinery

Persistent Experiences created using IC.IDO allows remote stakeholders the opportunity to preview/review viewpoints and perspectives captured during a Virtual Reality session where new products and human-performed tasks can be process validated. Virtual reality reviews let engineering teams experience, first-hand, their proposed new products and tooling processes long before the arrival of physical parts or pre-production tooling.

However, validating future products and the processes by which new products are brought to market, operated, maintained, and eventually decommissioned without those same teams having physically inspected, walked around, touched, and experienced the products first hand can limit the opportunities to reduce risk in production planning. If a Virtual reality milestone review is the first time that engineering teams and other stakeholders see and explore the tooling and products in context, they are less likely to emerge all the latent risks within a design. Uneven distribution of VR-capable hardware within many enterprises also can delay the discovery of process planning issues.

By allowing the process pilot to be prepared and shared without additional programming or development means that the activity of the Virtual Reality milestone review is more productive and more risk to sustainable production can be avoided.

***Automobile courtesy of Volkswagen, Forklift courtesy of Jungheinreich

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