Live Webinar: Mastering Challenges in Energy Management of HVAC Systems

28th May 2020 - 03:00 pm (IST)

According to the demand analysis report published by BEE, the cooling energy demand is likely to double by 2027 and a whopping 27 GW of new coal capacity can be avoided by adopting energy efficient cooling systems. It also reports that 57% of all the Indian energy demand for cooling comes from the buildings. As the Indian government is introducing new initiatives such as mandating energy efficiency ratings even for residential buildings and phasing out HFC by 2028. The customers and the manufactures alike are forced to adapt new technologies to manage operational costs while complying with the new regulations.

Simulation can be a very effective way to address this challenge as this provides a safe and reliable means to test the new technologies and optimize the control strategies before they are deployed. This not only protects the investments but also helps the designers safely bring their ideas to fruition. 

This webinar aims to showcase mainly how systems simulation with SimulationX  can be a very power tool to address the challenges that are being faced by the industry.


1.Modeling HVAC systems in different levels of detail.
a.Modeling for design of vapor compression cycle or system sizing.
b.Estimating Energy consumption of HVAC system during dynamic operation over a period.
2.Virtual commissioning of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), What are the benefits?

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Chaitanya  Kancharla

Presales Lead for SimulationX – ESI India

Has a master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Power electronics and Drives, from BITS Pilani. 

He is proficient in the use of Modelica Language and was involved in developing libraries, providing support and delivering projects to many customers.