Live Webinar: Ensuring the Design of Safe and Reliable Batteries for EVs

As the world marches towards electrifying ground transportation, India which has the 4th largest automotive market in the world is stepping up to the task of electrification by setting very ambitious and yet achievable goal which will ensure a smooth transition. Indian automobile manufactures are faced with quite unique challenges that demand a lot of innovation especially when it comes to the design of batteries.

Battery is the most important component of electric vehicle. It dictates several key aspects such as cost, weight and safety of the electric vehicle. Therefore, choosing the right size and ensuring proper design of the battery is of great importance.

This webinar is aimed towards addressing such challenges by innovative technology that can assist the manufacturers in realizing their design ambitions of high performance, optimally sized, Safe and reliable batteries.


1. Battery Safety
  a. Thermal Safety
  b. Crash Safety
2. Battery performance.
  a. Battery Aging (Calendric and Cyclic)
  b. Thermal circuit design
  c. Performance characteristics

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Chaitanya  Kancharla

Presales Lead for SimulaitonX – ESI India

Has a master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Power electronics and Drives, from BITS Pilani. 

He is proficient in the use of Modelica Language and was involved in developing libraries, providing support and delivering projects to many customers.