ESI provides innovative methodologies and value-added services for Nuclear Component Engineering. Our scalable realistic modeling solutions are designed to enhance the engineering approach with virtual prototypes of the components.


Plant Lifecycle

Numerical simulation is essential in nuclear power to guarantee the safety of installations. Numerical simulation helps select appropriate materials, fine-tune high-quality manufacturing processes, and rigorous testing to verify the functioning of components and safety systems, as well as conformity with regulatory requirements.

  • Design and Engineering: ESI provides a large analysis scope including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), manufacturing process simulation, structural mechanical behavior, lifespan analysis, and regulatory analysis.

  • Maintenance Engineering: Through close collaboration with Framatone, ESI continuously develops and extends its simulation software capabilities with brittle and ductile fracture, cyclic stress-strain curves, J domain integrals, local models, and fracture mechanics analysis procedures ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

  • Lifetime extension: ESI brings together material laws and tools for the prediction of material properties evolution and advanced simulation capabilities to control degradation phenomena and evaluate the risks associated with material aging

  • Decommissioning: ESI software analyses including soil-structure interaction, reinforcement steel calculation, and detailed behavior of specific equipment included in the building model.

Project Management

ESI’s engineering productivity solutions ensure teams follow regulations and best practices with improved performance. ESI’s decision support system make certain that teams follow the plan with real-time visibility, automates simulation tasks within the plan, keeps analysis models synchronized, and maintains the link from simulation to design. Our approach is based on a proven methodology accounting for current practices, enhancing, and automating processes.

ESI’s quality assurance program is built to satisfy the nuclear industry’s strict requirements.

Customer Voice

ONET Technologies

We virtually completed […a] stress report for the replacement of steam generators provided

by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for EDF French nuclear power plants and [successfully]

demonstrated the equipment’s full conformity with French nuclear regulation.

Dr. François Billon, Technical and Innovation Director, ONET Technologies