ESI VPS Webinar 2024 | China

10 April 2024
China, Online
14:00 CST
90 minutes
fukang.xiao [at] (fukang[dot]xiao[at]esi-group[dot]com)
VPS Milestones:
  • Scalability on HPC platforms
  • Airbags
  • Sloshing with FPM
  • Beyond crash: NVH, Nonlinear Implicit Solution
  • Single Core Modeling
  • Materials
  • Quality Processes
Ensure drivability and car component structural integrity for car water crossing scenarios using Virtual Performance Solution.​

Realistic driving conditions are required to assess car​ drivability in extreme or tropical conditions such as road​ flooding under heavy or monsoon rain. Structural damage on light underbody car components due to water pressure has to be prevented. Regulations regarding water crossings aim at addressing​ the issue from a liability standpoint. Our fully coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction simulation solution will be presented using the VPS single-core model approach, starting from a crash model.​

Integration of Human Body Models in Full Car Environment

Vehicle type approval based on virtual test procedures has been possible for some time for a limited number of specific regulations in the area of ​​automotive safety.​ Soon, various safety protocols plan to introduce the Human body model that will need to be processed and integrated with industrial workflow for car programs.​ The author will present ESI solutions to support customers in their activities for Virtual Testing and future safety requirements. ​