What's New in FOAM-X and NOVA | Webinar On-Demand

12 October 2023 - 11 October 2024
Worldwide, Online
55 Minutes

Discover What's New in FOAM-X and NOVA - 2023

Watch this recorded update on the new capabilities and enhanced functionality within the 2023 releases of FOAM-X and NOVA.

The FOAM-X 2023 release represents another step toward the goal of providing the most versatile material properties identifier based on impedance tube measurements. Well known for its capabilities on porous materials, it now extends its possibilities to a new category of materials - isotropic solid plates.

Key features of the new FOAM-X release:

  • Numerical inversion for isotropic thin plates measured in an impedance tube*
  • Sensitivity and simulation modules updated to predict isotropic thin plates

Reference: * K. Verdiere, S. Campeau, and J. Biboud. Characterizing elastic parameters of isotropic thin plates using impedance tube and transmission loss measurements: a numerical inverse method. NOISE-CON Paper, May 2023.

Key features of the new NOVA release:

  • New generation of user interface and experience
  • Tapping machine load with IIC

The NOVA 2023 release is a brand-new version with a completely revisited user interface, allowing a simplified, intuitive workflow, meaningful visual representations of simulation cases, and a lot of space for future add-ons. It also includes a new vibroacoustic load: tapping machine to predict normalized sound pressure level of floor-ceiling assembly and estimate Impact Insulation Class (IIC) rating.