VPS - What's New 2023 - 3 Part Series

20 June 2023 - 31 December 2023
Worldwide, Online
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1 Hour

Virtual Performance Solution 2023 release - preview

We invite you to explore the latest Virtual Performance Solution 2023 release. Driven by the needs of valued customers, VPS 2023 is focused on increased transparency and even greater reliability. VPS 2023 was released on June 30th, and we’d like to give you a deeper look into what's new, in three separate 45-minute webinars:

1. VPS 2023 for Crash Simulation - Highlighting the value VPS 2023 brings in the structural crash simulation domain, including material model updates and how we have enhanced its performance, scalability, and workflow robustness.

2. VPS 2023 for Safety Simulation - An outline of the many new capabilities VPS 2023 offers in addressing the simulation of airbags, seatbelts, human body models, and dummy positioning.

3. VPS 2023 for Strength and Dynamics Simulation - Detailing the variety of additional new capabilities and benefits VPS 2023 offers when addressing strength and dynamics simulation cases.

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