Go virtual and accelerate your product innovation with sustainable practices

31 January 2023
2pm IST / 9:30am CET

As automakers and machine builders are fostering a new generation of electrified and autonomous vehicles, machinery and equipment, they face new, complex challenges – their use of new components for electrified mobility must not undermine the customer’s operations and performance expectations. With regards to cost and time efficiency, it is imperative to get electrified machines right the first time. It’s imperative to therefore allow engineers, collaborate at enterprise ecosystem and perform multi-stakeholder reviews at life size data with incorporated physics. This is what Virtual Prototyping is about: bringing confidence early to all stakeholders involved in creating electrified vehicles and machines: 

  1. Design for Operation: How should we design the system for its electric reality? 
  2. Proving ground: Will the “electrified” version deliver the same capabilities over range of probable use or misuse? 
  3. Diagnostics and prognostics: Under real use, can we anticipate when and where issues could arise? 
  4. Fabrication: Is the proposed material and method the right one to sustainably deliver parts? 
  5. Assembly: What challenges will the human assemblers face when producing? 
  6. Maintenance: Will people be able to safely and sustainably maintain this product? 

With the wind of change in the automotive and heavy machinery industry, these questions are nothing but more relevant than ever. So let’s make sense of the different challenges and the value that Virtual Testing with Virtual Prototypes brings to engineers. 



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  • 2:00 pm - OPENING - Ravi Kumar Ajjampudi
  • 2:05 pm - Overview - Michael Kerausch
  • 2:15 pm - PRODUCT PERFORMANCE - Automotive safety and comfort, structural integrity for space vehicle launch by Pierre Culière
  • 2:40 pm -  SMART MANUFACTURING - Towards Zero Prototypes: a Virtual Process Chain linking Manufacturing to Joining, Assembly, and Performance by Mark Vrolijk
  • 3:00 pm - HUMAN-CENTRIC - Towards Enterprise Deployment of Human-Centric Process Validation in Product development by Eric Kam
  • 3:25 pm - Q/A & CLOSING  - Ravi Kumar Ajjampudi



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Pierre Culiere

Director Virtual Performance Solutions

Michael Kerausch

Manufacturing Business Channel - Immersive Experience Director

Mark Vrolijk

Senior Industry Marketing & Business Development Manager


Eric Kam

Industry Marketing Manager
Solutions Manager