5 Ways VA One Empowers EV Manufacturers | Webinar

1 June 2023
Worldwide, Online
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35 Minutes

Achieve optimal acoustic performance in every aspect of your electric vehicle design with the VA-One simulation software.

For about three decades, VA-One has been the de facto standard simulation tool at most acoustic engineers’ desks in the automotive industry. In a recent webinar, Massimiliano Calloni, the Vibroacoustic Product Marketing Manager at ESI Group, summarized the most powerful VA-One key features that help automakers meet their targets for the acoustic performance of electric vehicles, including:

  1. Pass-by Noise: Easily and accurately predict exterior acoustic performance to meet noise regulations, considering the impact of the sound package.
  2. Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS): Effectively predict AVAS performance and choose the best sound actuator position.
  3. Sound Package Design and Optimization: Precisely develop noise control treatments considering cost, weight, and packaging space.
  4. Wind Noise: Predict the effect of wind noise on acoustic comfort by integrating CFD data into EV vibroacoustic models.
  5. Auralization: Virtually experience and evaluate various acoustic scenarios, optimizing audio systems for a truly immersive and enjoyable in-car experience. 

Watch the webinar on demand and find out how you can deliver electric vehicles that not only prioritize sustainability - but also excel in acoustic performance. 

Watch the webinar on demand