15 June 2022
2pm CET

The Realized Value of Human Centric Process Validation and Product Integration

June 15th 2022 - 2pm CET

The IDO.Community.EMEA and ESI Group welcome you to a digital high-level interactive event speaking about customer value by applying XR technologies. Through a mix of presentations and a panel discussion we will address how companies are realizing the benefits of Human Centric Product and Process Validation today:

  • Breaking the silos between design, manufacturing, and maintenance​
  • Integrating human interactions through the product development lifecycle​
  • Assuring on-time delivery, optimal performance, and a safe & efficient work environment

With Virtual Reality, decrease lead times to meet the start of production, at controlled quality and cost. See how to validate product integration early in a human-centric way. Experience Your Product in a virtual world where you could bring your product to life—really experience building, operating, or maintaining it – without physically constructing a single thing.