GoFUN 2022

23 March 2022
Germany, Online
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event.germany [at] esi-group.com

6th German OpenFoam User meetiNg

The intent of the meeting is an open event providing a helpful opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, future aspects and problems with OpenFOAM experts and users.

The GOFUN reports new discoveries, developments and ongoing work in the fundamental and applied application of OpenFOAM with a mix of researchers and industrial speakers from a large variety.

Sponsoring & Presentation

ESI is sponsoring this event.

Our expert Dr. Sebastien Vilfayeau will present an interesting topic during the event.

He will present the following topic: Simulation of the distribution of aerosols in public transport to determine the infection risk using Model Order Reduction

Dr. Sebastien Vilfayeau

Team Leader CFD