18 July 2022 - 22 July 2022
United Kingdom

Meet with ESI Group at the Farnborough International Airshow 2022 from July 18th to 22nd. We have established ourselves as a reliable industry partner to digitalize product and process development, through virtual prototyping and predictive simulation. Our software and associated services support leading aerospace companies like Airbus, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Safran, and their supply chain, in the fast and cost-efficient delivery of quality products and disruptive innovations. All virtually, more sustainably.

Make the most of your time at Farnborough: book an appointment with our international simulation experts. Bring your problems, and our engineers will use their extensive cross-industry knowledge to offer you tailored solutions to best accompany you throughout your digital journey.

  • Performance Engineering: helping you pre-certify your parts/components virtually, meeting regulatory requirements, from evaluating structural dynamics, to virtualizing vibro-acoustic tests and reaching interior noise & comfort targets.
  • Product Integration: left-shifting product design issues, anticipating manufacturability, product integration, and human-operations.
  • Virtual Manufacturing: solving all your manufacturing challenges, from controlling your manufacturing processes to reduce scrap rates and increase profitability, to anticipating human-interactions in Virtual Reality for safe and effective operations.
  • MRO Engineering: Using Virtual Reality powered by realistic physics in real-time and at real-scale to get your industrial maintenance processes right.

Join us at the France Pavillion where we will be part of the GIFAS (& “Pole AsTech”) area in HALL 1 – Booth 13.60 Village ASTech.    

Already a customer? Don’t be shy, it will be a pleasure to meet up!



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Human-Centric Validation in Action

Manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, and servicing - Having a realistic and human-centric view of industrial processes,  is key to ensuring safe and efficient operations. Delivering “true-to-life” real-time, real-scale process validations and product integration, our Virtual Reality software solution IC.IDO enables engineering teams to evaluate options early in product or process development when design changes can still be made without incurring dramatic costs or delays.  

Our fully digital solution helps aerospace & defense companies lower their environmental footprint by freeing themselves from physical mock-ups, while avoiding late discovery of inefficiencies at the start of production or maintenance.  

Our experts will welcome you for an on-site demonstration of ESI IC.IDO!

  • Validate operations & processes in a human-centric way 
  • Address design & manufacturing issues early and efficiently 
  • Create sustainable practices with less physical prototypes
space 6

Safran Nacelles uses Virtual Reality Solution ESI IC.IDO to Validate Nacelles Manufacturing Tooling

aero maintenance

Tool accessibility evaluations in VR - HumanCentric Process Validation

VR HC aero

Webinar - Human-Centric Operator Service Validation

Manufacturing & Assembly in Action

Having reached the limits of conventional airframe and aero-component manufacturing, new concepts introduce novel materials and processes to increase range for longer, nonstop routes or to improve upon their carbon footprint, while maintaining safety. Going forward, product development decisions cannot be made without cross-checking the manufacturing feasibility of those products.

ESI invites you, next July, to find out all about virtual manufacturing:

  • Keeping end-to-end control of your KPIs by minimizing the number of physical prototypes needed for validating feasibility and safety of product designs and manufacturing process designs

  • Meeting your start of production target dates and maximizing efficiency by frontloading decision-making and preventing anomalies in downstream processes

Our virtual manufacturing solutions are embedded with process know-how, which helps users of all skill level define a reliable process plan and predict if a part’s design will need changes.

casting user group

Webinar  - Co-Design for Casting - A bridge between Product Designers, Buyers & Manufacturers

ESI IN Casting Photograph DesktopSimulation A01 1200x675 V02

Blog - How do Rolls-Royce engineers make sure their designs are fully castable?

aero engine (2)

Spirit AeroSystems Tackles Manufacturing Challenges Via Virtual Prototyping Solutions