Virtual technologies for the Industry 4.0

26 January 2021
Germany, Virtual
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2pm CET
Egon Wiedekind
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From digital twin to virtual operation

This event will be organized by the Virtual Dimension Center (VDC).

The Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) is Germany's leading competence network for virtual engineering. Technology suppliers, service providers, users, research institutions and multipliers cooperate in the VDC network along the entire value chain of virtual engineering in the topics of 3D simulation, 3D visualization, product lifecycle management and virtual reality. VDC's members focus on higher innovation activity and productivity through information advantage and cost benefits.




ESI will participate this event and present the following topic:

Validation of workplaces and work sequences in IC.IDO in the context of Industry 4.0 / Digital / Virtual Twin

In the presentation, IC.IDO topics will be presented to support the virtual validation of work sequences of the operator at the production line and to increase the productivity and quality of planning at an early stage through a virtual try-out. This also includes effects on the operator
and at the same time to check health and safety issues. The presentation will also highlight innovation topics to automate future workflows of the operator to generate a higher level of work efficiency.

The presentation time is 2.05 pm.


André Rückert

Innovation Manager & Technical Expert for Human Interaction

About Virtual Reality

Experience Your Product – Before You Build or Service It – Through the World of Immersive Virtual Reality

Sometimes new concepts need to be experienced to be trusted. You build something and watch as an idea or concept comes to life. But what if, once constructed, you realize that it isn’t as you imagined your product would be? That by walking around and building your project, you discover that the real product or finished assembly has inconsistencies, flaws or errors that are not evident in concepts or designs until you experienced the build. At this point, what you have built is scrap, design changes will set you back weeks, if not months, and costs will certainly rise – if redesigning this late in the game is even an option. If it’s not, going to market with a less than perfect product or flawed process might be a reality you must come to terms with.

Or, what if you could work in a virtual world where you could bring your product to life—really experience building, operating, or maintaining it – without physically constructing a single thing. In this immersive Virtual Reality, you can walk around your product in a true-to-life environment at a 1:1 scale, looking at it, reaching for needed tools, and interact with your new product concepts as you, or your customers, would in real life. In this way, any unforeseen assembly, operating, and maintenance challenges that are not acceptable can be experienced in time to identify them and fix them. Fully digital, virtual, and before decisions are “cast in stone”.

With IC.IDO this – and much more – awaits you.

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