OpenFOAM v2106 Release Webinar

21 September 2021
10am CET and 12pm ET/9am PT

The new version 2106 released in June 2021 brings a lot of new and exciting functionalities and extension to the existing ones.

  • Improvement of the mesh generation and manipulation utilities: enhancement in gap refinements, split meshes, extrudeMesh, etc.
  • Extensions to finite area utilities to create meshes in parallel.
  • Improved performance in moving mesh AMI cases by more than 5%.
  • New functionality in overset: new solvers and enhanced support for overlapping domains.
  • New solar load model, for time-dependent inputs.
  • New turbulence field estimations, updated boundary conditions, post-processing function objects, and much more!

Watch our webinar for an exclusive introduction to all these new functionalities.


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Presenters & Special Guest

Prof. Gavin Tabor

Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics at the University of Exeter


Fred Mendonca

Director ESI-OpenCFD, Global Operations


Matej Forman

OpenFOAM training coordinator, ESI Group