OpenFoam v20.12 Release Webinar

9 February 2021
9am CET and 12pm ET/9am PT
1 hour

The new version 2012 released in December 2020 brings a lot of new and exciting functionalities and extension to the existing ones. Watch our webinar for an exclusive introduction to the new functionalities.

  • Improvement of the mesh generation: the automatic gap refinement now brings better control.
  • In the near-wall layer generation, with the thickness model have better and more precise control over the y+ parameter thus allowing more accurate modeling of the boundary layer.
  • New selectable schemes for high aspect ratio cells improving solutions on such meshes. In Lagrangian particle modeling, the kinematic cloud classes now include the MPPIC models. Together with the improvement of the Lagrangian particle path integration on dynamic meshes, this allows for more flexibility in particle-laden flow modeling.
  • A new Vibro-Acoustic solver for thin vibrating shells as well as any other improvements will be introduced in the release webinar.

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Presenters & Special Guest

Miguel Nóbrega

Associate Professor at the Polymer Engineering Department of the University of Minho


Matej Forman

OpenFOAM training coordinator, ESI Group


Fred Mendonca

Director ESI-OpenCFD, Global Operations