NAFEMS World Congress 2021

25 October 2021 - 29 October 2021
Austria, Hybrid (Salzburg/ Virtual)
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Manuela Joseph
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The First Hybrid NAFEMS World Congress

The NAFEMS World Congress will cover every aspect of engineering modelling, analysis and simulation. That includes core topics like FEA, CFD, and MBD, as well as examining the next steps for our community and the technology. We will also be hosting the 5th International SPDM conference, as well as our Multiphysics Simulation conference and Automotive Symposium as part of the event.

Attend ESI's Presentation

ESI Group will attend and contribute to this event with the following presentations:


Wind Energy

Virtual Prototyping for Curing Control and Distortion Prediction of the HTP Leading Edge Manufacturing
Alfredo de Gregorio de Juan, ESI
28/10/2021 08:35 conference time (CET)

Predictive maintenance for wind farms: Combining ML and physics-based modelling to reduce wind turbine asset downtime
Morgan Cameron, ESI
28/10/2021 13:25 conference time (CET)

Future of Mobility

Hood Fluttering Caused by Unsteady Aerodynamic Loads by On Route Vehicles’ Interaction
Armando Pérez Peña, ESI
27/10/2021 09:15 conference time (CET)

Improvement of lidar detection and tracking algorithm using and development of a multi-sensor fusion module. Implementation in the PROSIVIC simulation platform
Mokrane Hadj-Bachir, ESI
27/10/2021 11:00 conference time (CET)

Combining reduced-order modeling and machine learning for local-global simulation: short circuit prediction in electric vehicle crash simulation
Fatima Daïm, ESI
27/10/2021 14:20 conference time (CET)

Innovative restraint systems – virtual verification respecting the variety of human population via Virthuman model
Ludek Kovar, ESI
28/10/2021 16:45 conference time (CET)

Covid & Aerosol Transmission

Simulation of the distribution of aerosols in public transport to determine the infection risk using Model Order Reduction
Sebastien Vilfayeau, ESI
27/10/2021 11:20 conference time (CET)

Manufacturing Processes

Augmented Virtual Prototyping of an Ultra-high-strength Hot-stamped Steels Process. Real Time Parametric Response in Closed Loop as the Gateway for a Hybrid Twin
Mariano Esparcia Arnedo, ESI

26/10/2021 15:35 conference time (CET)

Modelling of 3D-woven composites performance to support the virtual design process
Viacheslav Kotov, ESI
26/10/2021 15:35 conference time (CET)