ISCM 2021

3 November 2021 - 4 November 2021
Germany, Virtual
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Egon Wiedekind
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The goal of ISCM is to promote discussion on recent developments in manufacturing of high performance composites and related areas. 
Discussions at ISCM involve analysis of emerging issues, the state of the art in composites manufacturing and discussion on those developments that will shape the near future of composites applications.



Our Expert Dr. Yann Duplessis Kergomard will present during this event the following topic: Induction Heating of Thermoplastic Composites to address Assembly Challenges on Nov 4th at 1.45 pm in the session: Joining technologies (Session 4)

Dr. Yann Duplessis Kergomard

R&D Project Manager - CoE Composites Manufacturing


Composite materials, because of their lightweight properties, strength, and durability, represent key facilitators in the race to reduce carbon emissions. However, when making the shift to industrial mass production, new challenges arise with these materials:

  • How to scale up production to respond to market needs?
  • How to swiftly adapt to new materials to keep up with the speed of innovation in composites?
  • How to price final products to meet market requirements?

Often, this calls for quick iteration and sometimes a new approach to material configuration and process parameters. Simulation allows for both.