8 September 2021 - 10 September 2021
Germany, Munich
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Egon Wiedekind
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The focus of IRCOBI is on the avoidance and reduction of the severity of traffic accidents, with special emphasis on advanced safety technologies and the biomechanics of injury. The 2021 IRCOBI Europe Conference will be held online.


ESI is Session Sponsor


Furthermore ESI is co-author of the following presentations


Comparison of the Head-Neck Kinematics of Different Active Human Body Models
with Experimental Data

Oleksandr V. Martynenko, Isabell Wochner, Lennart V. Nölle, Eduardo H. Alfaro, Syn
Schmitt, Christian Mayer, Atul Mishra, Pronoy Ghosh, Ravi Kiran Chitteti, Jens Weber,
María González-García, Muriel Beaugonin, Stefanos Vlachoutsis

University of Stuttgart, Germany; Mercedes-Benz AG, Germany; Mercedes-Benz Research & Development,
India; Volkswagen AG, Germany; Ludwig Maximilian University, Germany; ESI Group, France


Short communication: Simplified multi-code model for passive muscle tissue under

Felicitas Lanzl, Andre Berger, Dominic Huehn, Simon Dussinger, Pronoy Ghosh,
Christian Mayer, Oleksandr Martynenko, Hosein Naseri, Johan Iraeus, Steffen

Ludwig-Maximilians University, Germany; ESI GmbH, Germany; Chalmers University of Technology,
Sweden; Mercedes-Benz Research & Development, India; Mercedes-Benz AG, Germany; University of
Stuttgart, Germany

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